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Wasp Nest Removal Auckland

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Wasp Nest Removal Auckland

Got a wasp nest that needs to be eradicated? With over ten years of experience getting rid of wasps, we are the right people to call. With paper wasps, we offer full wasp nest removal. Any wasp problem we take on is given a free call-back warranty. We are priced competitively and take on even the largest of German wasp nests. Is it as big as a wheelie bin? No problem! 


If you have a bee swarm or even suspect your wasp problem might be bees. Call us first as we can remove a bee swarm safely and alive. It is so important we protect this helpful species. We need bees, and as certified bee keepers, we will try and save them! It is so important to use a pest controller who is linked directly to Beekeeping like we are! If it is wasps, then they are quickly and easily eradicated.

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