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Free Auckland Bee Swarm Removal

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Free Bee Swarm Removal

Bees swarming is a part of life for bees.  It occurs in honey bees and can happen for a variety of reasons. One reason for bees leaving the hive can be mites or parasites invading the hive. Another reason for bees swarming is simply an overcrowding of the hive.

Swarming season across Auckland begins as early as September and runs through until January.

The best thing to do if you see a swarm is to leave it alone. Better still call us to come to remove it. We can safely remove the bees without killing the hive. They can be safely removed and allowed to create their hive in a standard hive box where they will bother no one. Its really important to call someone who can remove them alive and not exterminate them unnecessarily. Our collaboration means swarms can be saved - not eradicated.

If it turns out to be a wasp nest - no problem. We can exterminate them for you. Remove the bees, eradicate the wasps, call us today.

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