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Commercial Pest Control

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Commercial Pest Control

We are not a big corporate company nor do we strive to be. We offer our services based on a good business relationship and a personal service. Get to know us. Our small team will keep you catered for you and keep you with us based on service NOT long contracts you will need years to be free of.

The difficulty of your pest control needs and the intricacies of your program can all be managed in an effective and comprehensive program. 

Difficult problems interest us and tough auditors will find the information they are looking for quickly. Try us as your commercial provider, with ten years of experience backing us up, we are confident your pest control solution can be found with us.


We offer services that are reported on and kept in folders onsite. Another service that is becoming more and more popular is our cloud stored program. Our customers are now able to access their program stored online at all times. Instantly update able with no delays in waiting to call out a technician.

Call us to sort out all those regular pests that bother businesses or to arrange an assessment to start your pest management program.

There are many audit requirements. To name just a few: Transitional facilities, Biogro audits, HAACP, Food Control Plans (FCP), Food Safety Plans (FSP)
Risk Management Programmes (RMP), not to mention council requirements. We can help you with these.

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