Borer Treatment Auckland

The common borer beetle, unfortunately, this little insect is responsible for a lot of Auckland house owners loosing there piece of mind. The thought of this tiny little larvae slowly damaging the wood work in a home is an uncomfortable one. Luckily it’s easily remedied. Remedial timber treatments have come a long way. In fact, the future of timber treatment and protection is actually form a very old in fact ancient solution. There is a movement now away from the toxic insecticides of recent decades and back to more organic treatments that have been around much longer.

The product we use is a natural one, Pest-Bor (Sodium Borate). It is non toxic but still great to treat timber.

Insects like borers and termites are exposed to the active ingredient by eating treated wood or by ingestion while grooming. Borates are a contact toxicant to fungi. The borates prevent metabolism of food by insects and fungi causing death.

We find this product very reliable and are willing to warranty the treatment. Call today and let's discuss getting your borer treatment sorted out.