Unwelcome lodgers in Mangere

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

On a recent job in Mangere, south Auckland, I came across this German wasp nest in a garage. The rear of the garage had a small room that had been unused and abandoned for years. Nature had not abandoned it though and neither had these wasps. The indoor room had provided shelter for this wasp nest to survive the winter and had been discovered by tenants wanting to clean up and start using storage space. What a surprise this must have been to walk in on! I doubt the wasps were happy to have company. It really isn't advisable to even be in the room with a wasp nest like this without a complete bee suit on. Even this does not guarantee protection. Wasps have a knack of finding weaknesses in bee suit and their stings can penetrate the bee suit fabric if it is pulled tight enough.

The mild winter we have just had has allowed this wasp nest to survive. Usually the cold months mean wasps will die back and queens will have to start again. This year has not had the harsher drops in temperature though so the wasps are surviving in bigger numbers. The room this nest was in was also home to another smaller German wasp nest and rats had made their home there. The wasps would probably have stung the rats but the rats are nocturnal an so would be active at night when the wasps were inside nest and mostly inactive. In either case the tenants were relieved to have the stinging insects eradicated, the nest removed, the rodents sorted and the space reclaimed for people and not pests.

If you see a wasp nest, feel free to give us a ring and arrange an exterminator to come to you. Avoid being stung and allow us to perform a warrantied eradication. Ph 0800 0700606