The West Auckland Pest difference

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

Bees swarm as early as September in Auckland

Recently a bee hive swarmed out and landed at a local west Auckland school. A bee keeper was called who then called us to see if we could help. We were able to catch the swarm and transport it somewhere safe until we could find another local who wanted the hive.

At Abolish pest control we are proud to be a part of the West Auckland community. We service many businesses in the area and run pest control programs throughout the greater West Auckland region.

Above that though, it is great to be able to help in situations where we can save a hive and help out local beekeepers. West Auckland is a special place with the heart of the Waitakeres traveling through it. The native rain forest makes it unique in many ways and adds to the lives of residents. The native bird life is strong and the many tracks are plush with native plants and ferns.

This native area does provide a great breeding ground for many of the pests that bother west Auckland home owners though. Rats are a common problem, so are wasps. The bush also harbours more than its fair share of possums and stoats.

Each part of Auckland seems to have its own unique problems. The North shore for instance seems to get more than its fair share of ant problems. With the urbanization of bee keeping, bee swarms seem to be reported all over Auckland.

Although west Auckland may have a few extra pests coming out of the Waitakere ranges, it is a small price to pay for living amongst the native bird song, the native forest, flora and fauna. The call of the Tui or the plump wood pigeon landing in nearby trees is a beautiful setting to live in. If you think you have a pest issue, please get in contact.