Gisborne Cockroach

The Gisborne Cockroach, it gets its name because it was thought to have made its entry into the country through the ports of Gisborne. It is in fact an Australian Cockroach but is now common here in Auckland. It is often described as the "massive shiny" cockroach. It is flightless and 20-45mm long full grown. It has two distinctive "stripes" down the side of its head.

It does not normally infest food, but can inhabit the space in between walls and in roof cavities. It also lives in bark chips "bark gardens" so is a common domestic pest able to inhabit many of the environments we create.

If you have a Gisborne cockroach problem in Auckland, we can help. We have tried and true methods of solving people's cockroach problems. We can treat as a one off or run a commercial program. Call us today to discuss your solution.