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       Wasps - information, control



Unlike bees Wasps can sting repeatedly without dying. This can make them extremely painful pests. Most nests in the Auckland area die off or go dormant over the cooler months of the year, although some larger nests can go all year round. There are several different  species of wasp that are a pest including the German wasp and the Paper wasp. The queen starts a new nest as the season heats up. The first batch of workers she raises then take over the duties of the nest. A nest can go from one to 10,000 in a single summer.

If you are trying to identify a wasp nest on your property - try looking for the "flight path". This is the constant stream of wasps flying in two constant directions (in and out). It can be the first best give away of a German wasp nest.

Paper wasps will hover near the nest which is often visible and tends to range from a golf ball in size up to a softball. Without getting too close you may be able to see a set of legs "dangling" on a paper wasp. More people tend to try the DIY methods when it comes to getting rid of a paper wasp nest.





         Wasp Control

Eradication of wasps (or wasp nest removal) is generally best left to professionals. A poor attempt at exterminating a wasp nest can simply result in very angry wasps. A bee suit is important and knowing the type of wasp and the best extermination method is vital.

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